Binary Options trading

If like me, you’re looking for an opportunity to earn money on the net and you have already done some research, you probably already heard of sites of binary options. These sites are also called binary options platform. Their main advantage for novices to trade like me, is that through these portals I arrive to me more easily in the area of the stock market. With these trading sites, investors have the opportunity to earn money in very little time. Explanations are needed to better understand the principle of these trading platforms.

Open an account at a site of binary options

Before making your first trades, it is important that inclusion on a broker option binaire. For this, you must complete a form available on the website of trade. When these formalities, you must provide some personal information concerning you, note that your information will be carefully preserved in the database of the site. In addition to your personal information, you must also register data on your account. It is important to indicate the currency of your account because once selected in the list proposed by the site (EUR, USD, GBK, CAD, SEK, DKK, NOK…) it will be more complicated to change.

trading binary

How trader of the underlying assets on trading portals?

To carry out trades on a trading website, the procedure is simple, just three steps :

  1. The choice of action
  2. The direction the curve at the end of the contract
  3. The inclusion of the amount of your investment

A few seconds just to negotiate a binary option!

Take advantage of the bonus to invest in binary options

When you choose to invest on brokers, you can enjoy some advantages offered by these sites. The nature of the option binaire bonus optionweb is of various categories. Take as an example, the granted bonuses when you make a deposit. According to platforms, this type of bonus is paid as soon as the first deposit or on each transfer of money to your account. Make deposits into brokerage sites to win bonuses ranging from 30, 40 , or 5%. By investing on some site, you can also enjoy a first free trade.

Forex trader on a site of binary options

By investing sites of binary options, you have the choice between several categories of assets whose currency parities.

Brokerage portals offer the traders of the types of underlying assets. Apart from commodities, indices, and stock shares, we also invest our money by leveraging the Forex. These types of options encourage us to look at the course of national and international currency.

Earn money through the site of binary options

By investing in binary options, you can win lots of money in a few days. Thanks this good plan, you can earn more than €500 per day. By becoming a hardcore option binaire trader online, it is possible to win €1,000 / hour ! The profit of these trading sites rate varies from 70 to 400%.

Master online binary options

If you want to learn how to bet money on binary options, you have several tools.

Learn to trade thanks to the demo account and trading Simulator

Trading sites are likely to propose trading simulators. Through these illustrated tutorials, you can understand the principle of negotiation of options. With regard to the demo accounts, only a few portals offer it. This feature is very useful to learn strategies of digital options.

Follow trainings

Training provided by professional traders and finance experts are organized on some platforms of brokerages. Follow these webinars to enhance your knowledge and make more relevant updates.

Choose your brokerage sites

It is important to entrust your money on sites of serious commissions corresponding to your expectations. Find the broker that suits you by checking comparison sites devoted to binary options brokers. Thanks to these tables, it is easier to compare the options that interest you.

Regulations of sites of binary options

With regard to the control of the markets of activities financial, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers and the Bank of France are two regulating entities capable of issuing the licences to exercise. A broker to receive this kind of certification in France, the site must meet certain conditions including those to have a representative in France. IG Markets and XTB are brokers who received this accreditation.

Some tips for good options trader

Although the principle of binary options seems simple, it must be particularly attentive when it invests its money in the underlying assets.

You are interested in the simplicity of binary options and thought seriously to embark on this lucrative market, the technique the simplest is to follow trends. It is difficult to decide on a neutral trend, however when you detect a bullish or bearish trend, do not hesitate to bet until this changes. When your trades, please also note to be reasonable in your investments. Set yourself a budget to allocate to your binary options to avoid bankruptcy.

10 tips for successful trading binary options

Trading binary options is easy to learn but that does not mean that it is very easy to get yourself profitable gains with this new financial products. In order to become a successful trader, it requires a lot of knowledge about the market, endurance and discipline. Binary options are derivatives.

Today we will give you some tips so that you can move a step higher with your trading binary options.


Tip 1: Disciplined trading Money Management

First the most important tips. But disciplined Money Management, it is impossible to make lasting and permanent gains. Risk no more than 5% of your trading capital per binary option trade, stockpair demo  and do not try to offset your losses as soon as possible with the right action at the next trade. Then it can only get worse, for short or long time.

Tip # 2: Be in the 1-hour-binary-options

60-second options are without coercion very exciting, but really, it happens only on luck or bad luck (Besides some exceptions in very specific market situations). It is impossible to predict the trend in such a short time with probability of 65% to 70% as you need. Bet only on options of an hour, or options with longer maturities.

Tip 3: Buy only if you are emotionally balanced

How you feel, is how you shop. Your goal should be well balanced and relaxed when you shop. If you are having problems that you take with you to the trade, which is all set to lose.

Tip 4: take a break when you have lost a trade

If you lose a trade, then it’s important that you don’t think about it all the time, but that you release your head so that you can concentrate on the current market situation instead. But it’s a long way until, and for this reason, you should start with a break every time you lose a trade. Note: Although a win could affect you emotionally and affect your choice in trade (…) — to risky behavior, for example.

Tip 5: write a diary about your trades

To be able to succeed in trading binary options, it is very important to learn from your mistakes, and if possible, not to make a mistake a second time. Each mistake costs you money and the money, you won’t be able to use for the next trade. If you lose 30%, you have to win 50% to get back the amount you had before.

A trading diary is one of the best ways to find your error in your trading. Write down for each entry: entry price and time, why you went in for it, results and also background information, for example. If you have had a run-in with someone before you dealt with. If you regularly read your entries in the diary, you will find patterns for your error, you can correct and then you can even improve your performance in the future.

Tip 6: know the market you are trading on

You should not trade in currencies, if you have no idea about currencies. Inform you about what affect exchange rates. The same is true for stocks and commodities, find yourselfa cfd trading etoro bonus to start off.

Then you should know what is going on in the world, in economic field and figures on companies and much more. Nowadays the markets very vulnerable, unpredictable and unstable. Read in all cases Non-Farm-Payrolls (data of the u.s. labor market monthly every first Friday).

Tip 7: use an external Charttool

Brokers in binary options exist to place your orders on the market. But a useful application for charter offers no supplier. The Charter on the platform is just to be able to get a quick glance at the numbers.

If you really want to analyze charts, then you need an external chart tool. On the internet you can find a lot of excellent free alternatives, such as.

Tip 8: continue to educate yourself

If you want to get profit at your trade, you have to keep your skills up to date and expand them. Trade binary options are still very young, but there are already some good resources you can use. Good books in German is unfortunately not yet.

Tip 9: read the bonus terms and conditions

Some brokers in binary options offer a deposit bonus on your first deposit. Inform first about bonus terms and conditions before you decide to redeem it. Of course, these are not free money, you have to invest a certain amount in trading before you can freely dispose of the bonus.

Tip 10: Trade binary options on your mobile phone

If you are on the road and if you don’t want to miss a particular event in the market, or go for it, then it’s no problem with binary options. Many brokers in binary options offers apps for Iphone and Android so you can shop anytime, and anywhere.

Strategies & Tips option trading

Strategies & Tips option trading

To make use of a strategy for trading of binary options are important, instead of to act on gut feeling you take calculated risks. That way you can always be sure to have the odds on your side. When it comes to choice of binary options strategies it is important really read on and learn how to apply the strategy on your own trade. Any strategy does not fit all traders and it is important that you select the methods that you feel comfortable with.

Binary Options Strategy

Our goal with our strategy section is to cover the methods and strategies we truly believe in and that are working for us. We recommend only methods that we actually tested and applied in our own trade.

Economic climate and trends – in the case of trade of binary options, clear economic trends gives you a great advantage. If you can read and anticipate the development curve of an option so it can help you invest right. This is an article suitable for beginners in options trading.
Binary Option Robot-We are generally very careful about recommending robots and applications for Option trade when the majority does not work. Binary Option Robot, however, is a program that gained an excellent reputation among its users and has established itself as one of the main robot goods you can use.
If you are interested in more strategies to develop your skills in options trading, we recommend that you visit this section often as it is constantly updated with new tips and strategies. As we go through the process to test all strategies we are going over, it may take some time before we put up and recommends them. For the time being, we wish you good luck with your trading.

Tips and strategy – binary options

Here we give you 25 fine tips and strategies for you to start trading binary options. Some tips may be obvious while other tips can be very helpful.

Invest no more than 5% of what you have in your account. This may sound a bit ridiculous but it’s actually a really good rule of thumb that allows you do not lose all of your deposited money if you’d have real bad luck. This is actually the same golden rule which seasoned poker players use, never go in a tournament if it costs more than 5% of your bankroll. It’s a good think.

Do not try to win back your losses by increasing your bets. Was disciplined and think long term, it is our most important binary options tips.

Decide how much you lose no more than a month at the beginning it may take some time to manage to earn nice money.
If you’ve had a bad day with several failed investments, it is better to lay down their trading for the day and come back the next day. The reason for this is that many losses in a row often makes a frustrated and unbalanced which in turn makes you lose judgement, and it is of course hardly great when you are trading binary options.

Shop only when you can focus. You should not act when you are depressed, drunk or when a lot of folks tails around the legs on you.

Avoid in General to trade binary options that have an extremely short duration such as 30 or 60 seconds. It is better to opt for a duration of at least one hour because it gets clean hasarden if you choose a really short maturity. You can look at what rate curve at any time that it has small, small fluctuations up and down regardless of the overall is going up or down. Sometimes, it may be a bit nice to put small amounts of money in short binary options.

Analyze your gains and losses. For a sort of diary where you write down your gains and losses, as well as what the situation was when you were, for example, was disturbed by anyone, was annoyed or tried to win back the loss. Analyze why it sometimes went bad and try to eliminate the errors you made.

Get to know the market. If you want to speculate in currencies, it’s a good idea to keep track of how the market has changed in recent times but also have even track of how economies are faring and how interest rates change. And if you want to speculate in some commodities and stocks, you should check out how these markets have developed and looks. Please read what is written on the newspapers ‘ financial pages.

Check out what the knowledgeable financial journalists and economists think about the evolution of a particular stock, currency or commodity, they often are right.

Trade binary options in particular that you find interesting to deal with because then it will be more fun and easier to get into the market for the underlying assets.

Always read the terms and conditions of brokers carefully so you know what applies to their trade binary options as well as what happens if you get a bonus.

Read through all the brokers and guides info you can find here at ombinä so that you become a little more familiar.

Buy well literature that teaches the binary options strategies and maybe binary system. Two sensible books that can be purchased in Sweden are Trading Binary Options – Strategies for Directional and Volatility Trading of Alex Nekritin and Trading Binary Options – Strategies and Tactics that are published by Bloomberg. A technical analysis for binary options is extremely important.

Test your strategies in the broker’s demomode before you start trading with real money.
Use demo account at regular intervals, even when you have been experienced. It’s a great looking to test new markets and ideas.

Shop never for more than what you think is okay to lose for the sake of tension, then you can never be a loser.
Don’t try to outsmart the experts by acting contrary to what others think about the underlying currency, it strikes actually often wrong. But sure, it may be fun to do it once in a while.

Do not increase your bets too much just because it’s been really good for you for some time. Presumptions can be costly.

Not moping up to it has been bad for some time. Take a break for a few days or weeks and then proceed with putting small amounts of money in binary options. Though it is clear, if you get tired brand, it is better to stop acting.
Most systems for binary options don’t usually work better than casino system, that is bad.

If you still want to do binary system is a system which mean that if the course has followed a particular pattern in the last minutes, one should assume that the pattern will continue to see the same, which can serve as the basis for your position. Sure, if you’re lucky, maybe it will be so, but the fact is that most of the patterns are often disconnected fairly quickly. Nonetheless, this binary options strategy increase your chances of winning something.

Analyze past trends of the underlying asset and see if you can find a pattern in price movements, which some call for technical analysis. Here’s what you can do on most platforms but you can also download a tredjepartmjukvara for this purpose. Otherwise, you can buy one of the books we recommended in paragraph 13, where you can find out more about technical analysis.

Always consider long-term and don’t expect to make a lot of money at once. It may take some time before you go a lot on plus.

It is never wrong to combine its binary options investments with common equity and currency positions. It makes you become more informed.

Choose a broker that you can find here on ombinä because then you avoid rogue brokers.

More strategies for binary options

We work hard to continually update our strategy section with both hot tips and strategies. We want our strategy section to serve as a school for binary options. Are you interested in developing your skills in options trading, it is helpful if you check out this section of the site. Again, it is important that you understand the importance of finding a strategy that fits your tradingstil, read on and learn it inside and out and trying to apply it to your options trading. Sure, to act on gut feeling is fun and all do it sometimes but if you are serious about your trade and are interested to earn good money on it, we recommend that you use a strategy.

Known scams

Known scams

Binary options is not a scam in itself but there are some phoney in binary options and we feel it’s very important that we make our visitors aware of these. Over the years there have been several major scams such as the “Swedish approach” and “profit professionals” but there are also some minor scams that have not received as much clout. Our goal is to cover these smaller scams in this article.

Amazing we found so far include:

Aussie Method
Native Trader
The Swedish method
Profit Pro
Mockingbird Method
Aussie method

Aussie method is a third-party application where you need to make a minimum deposit of 3000 sec to take advantage of the methods and software according to those behind the hoax will generate several hundred thousand in the space of a few days. The Aussie method is a scam and our recommendation is that you avoid their software at any price.

The Swedish method

The Swedish method is relatively well known in the binary options and the founders of the method claims to have developed a software that can predict course developments and ensuring really good profit margins. The software they developed is not working and we strongly recommend that you avoid the Swedish method because it is a hoax.

Golden goose method

Golden goose method is our information a ripoff at the Swedish method and is the exact same thing. We have suspicions that the founder of the golden goose method is the same as the Swedish method.

Mockingbird method ‘

The mocking bird method or Mockingbird method is also a software which you have to make payment in order to gain access to what promised to be one of the best tools. Just like any other third-party applications exactly like how it works mockingbird not at all. Founder claims to have developed a software that deliver profit in 92% of cases. Mockingbird method is a scam and does not work. Avoid mockingbird at any cost.

Native Trader

Native trader is a copy/the same scam as the Aussie method. When the aussie method became unraveled as deposit simply founders up a new site called native trader. You were, however, via Native trader slussad to the Aussie methods software.

Profit Pro

Proffitproffs is a tool for options trading that is said to be able to help you make “sky high” profits. We say that profit Pro is about as attractive as throwing money down the drain. A woman in their commercials say that she works 15 hours a month and earn $ 70,000. Sounds a little too good to be true? It is that too.

Best Binary Options Brokers

Best Binary Options Brokers

Here we list the best and most reliable binary options broker in Sweden, so if you are looking for the best side for binary options you really have come to the right place. It is only selecting the broker that you think might be best for you, but feel free to test their demo accounts before you start shopping for real money. Further down on this page you can read more about what requirements we have on our broker and where we show you what you should consider when choosing a broker.

These brokers are regulated, licensed and are safe to trade on.

If our Swedish broker

You’ll find no rogue Swedish agents here on ombinä, no brokers who promise more than they can hold and that has a lot of fine print conditions. This is very important because brokers of binary options do not need to have any special permission to trade in Sweden, which has meant that there are too many rogue brokers in the market.
Brokers ‘ platforms are stable and reliable so you don’t risk losing touch with the broker’s server.
The platforms are also easy-to-use because we do not think it will be difficult to trade binary options.
We chose off the brokers who take too much in profit and having unreasonable conditions.
We list only broker with a good reputation among investors.

Select brokers

Here we give you some tips to make it easier for you to find the binary options broker that works best for you.

Broker offers the kind of binary options to bet on? You should always check the underlying assets you can speculate because it differs a bit between the different agents. For example, if you want to speculate much in currencies, you should check that the broker’s binary options is based on the currencies you want to speculate.
What payment methods can you use and what about withdrawing funds? It should of course be smooth and safe to deposit and withdraw funds from your account.
The broker has an app for mobile? If you want to trade binary options on mobile phones or tablet, you should check that the broker has a smooth app you can use, otherwise you should test how well it works using the browser of your mobile phone.
What are the deposit and investment requirements like? Look at how much you have to put in to your account if you want to start trading with real money. It is also important to know how the broker’s minimiplacering looks and how much you maximum position in a binary option. Placements may rarely be less than € 5 of the brokers with the lowest investment requirements and the roof is usually on a few thousand euros.
The percentage of profit you get? If you make a successful placement, you get in practice just as much profit as you placed, but the broker will of course also have a small part of the pie so check what percentage the broker takes. It is no wonder at all that agents take a certain fee because they naturally have to earn something on their business just like ordinary stockbroker does.
We test our agents and make high demands

Something that is very important to point out is that we have tried to trade binary options of all brokers, we would never want to recommend something we ourselves have not tested. We go through each step, from registration of account, customer support, deposit and withdraw, and of course, what it’s like to shop at their respective brokers. We also writes every review so absolutely honestly as possible, we lift up both weaknesses and strengths. It combined with the fact that we only list brokers are regulated, we can provide our recommendations without any problem.

Something that is a bit of our pride is that we can stand behind our reviews and recommendations for 100%, there are other sites in Sweden comparing brokers for binary options listing non-performing brokers because they get paid for it. We list only broker we know live up to our high standards.

Best side for binary options in Sweden?

We may from time to time issue which broker is best for trading of binary options and it is a difficult question to answer. You should ask yourself the question what brokers fit you best instead. Some of our favorites to personally shop at is IQ Option, AnyOption, Banc De Binary and 24Option. The brokers used most frequently by us is the IQ Option. We think, however, that all brokers on our site is good, it is one of the fundamental requirements for us to list them. There is simply no good answer to that question, no broker is “best”. The most important thing is that the broker is safe to shop at, but otherwise, it is simply a matter of taste.

Licensed by CySEC and regulated by the financial agency

One of our main demands that we make of the broker listed on our site is that they must hold a license from CySEC and that they should be governed by the financial administration (FI) does not have a broker any of this means that we will not be able to recommend them. These licences are not easy to get, and only serious financial services will be assigned license a license. Another requirement is that they should not be listed in the financial administration’s warning list. A third requirement is that they should have a good reputation among the traders. If the deficiencies at any of the above points so we will not list the broker. Select a real estate agent from our website, you can be sure that it is safe to trade binary options with them.

Non-performing brokers

In addition to the agent who actually have licenses so there is a whole bunch of other brokers who are unregulated. Is it safe to trade binary options of these brokers? Of course, some agents have licenses in other markets and is therefore safe to shop at. We insist, however, that you choose broker that is non-performing locally. In General, there are still many brokers out there that are bogus and where you will be scammad. We have also begun to list non-performing brokers. In these articles, it is clear that mäkaren is unregulated and unsafe to shop at. See our article on Traderush as an example.

Briefly about our Brokers

Here we give you a brief intro to each broker we list. If you want to get the full transparency of the brokers we recommend for trading of binary options so we strongly recommend that you check out the reviews we have written, they will go on detail through brokers. However, you are looking for some quick information so you will be able to find it here.


Minimum deposit: $ 200
Demo Account: No
Bonus: up to 300%
Anyoption is actually the first broker for binary options on the internet. Their Web site and trading platform, launched in 2008. With their long experience fits AnyOption almost all investors. However, we recommend all AnyOption to newbies when they offer a percentage refund on failed investments. This provides a greater safety but restricts benefits to a certain extent. However, most AnyOption.

IQ Option

Minimum deposit: € 10
Demo account: YES (for free, no deposit required)
Bonus: YES – up to 30%
IQ Option launched his platform in 2013 and is therefore quite new within the binary options. It’s nothing you’ll let yourself be fooled by. Here in our Office is IQ Option one of the Favorites. Their platform is sexy and they offer low minimum deposit and a free demo account. A broker who fit both new and more experienced investors.


Minimum deposit: € 250
Demo Account: YES
Bonus: YES – up to 100%
24option is considered by many to be one of the largest and most respected broker. They launched its trading platform less than 2009, barely a year after AnyOption. 24option is a really experienced brokers. 24option has a wide range and is suitable for all investors. Anything negative with the broker is very high omsättskrav on the bonus.

Banc De Binary

Minimum deposit: $ 250
Demo Account: YES
Bonus: YES – up to 100%
Banc De Binary is a broker with extensive experience of binary options, the platform was launched in 2009. Their platform is simple to understand and to use, their own motto is “simplicity pays” and it is reflected when using their product. REALTOR fits experienced and less experienced traders. High wagering requirements for bonus so we recommend that you avoid the bonus.


Minimum deposit: $ 250
Demo Account: YES
Bonus: YES – up to 100%
Stockpair is a broker who offers a pretty wide selection but who specializes in shares, would you invest mainly in shares is Stockpair the broker you are looking for. Stockpair also offers a nice educational service that we would like to highlight. REALTOR suits experienced investors and beginners.


Minimum deposit: € 200
Demo Account: No
Bonus: YES – up to € 50
BDswiss is relatively new in the binary options but they have quickly built up a very good reputation. Their platform is stable and works very well. The broker also offers nice conditions and ok wagering requirement of the bonus. Nothing negative is that the lack of training materials and market analyses, some competitors are better at.

Top Option

Minimum deposit: $ 100
Demo Account: YES
Bonus: YES – up to 100%
The top Option is one of the fastest growing brokers within binary options. 2013 they launched their platform and has quickly built up a good reputation. They offer really good utbildningsmateral and a good demo account where you can test your way. Nothing negative is that after your account has been inactive for 90 days so they draw a monthly fee of $ 5. Top Option suitable for both experienced and less experienced investors.


Minimum deposit: $ 100
Demo Account: No
Bonus: YES – up to 150%
Eztrader is one of the first agents of binary options and offers options trading since 2008. They have a pretty stormy reputation and if you ask around you will hear mixed opinions. The broker, however, is regulated by the FI and holds a license from CySEC. We recommend Eztrader primarily for beginners.

Easy-Forex is the best broker to forex trading

Easy-Forex is the best broker to forex trading

Easy Forex gör det enkelt att börja med valutahandel. Detta är också en av de absolut mest populära tjänsterna för valutahandel på nätet.

Easy Forex är ett väletablerat online-mäklare, med en internationell kundbas. Även om detta är en utländsk nätmäklare har det relativt stora antalet aktörer från Sverige.

fördel av Easy-Forex är främst låga priset på handel, mycket bra och praktisk affärsmodell och många möjligheter handel. Det finns naturligtvis fritt att skapa ett konto.

inte svenska. Det enda som kan dra ner på Easy-Forex är bristen på svenska. Detta kan vara en nackdel för någon med svaga kunskaper i engelska, men om de grundläggande kunskaper i engelska är på plats bör det inte vara ett hinder.

Easy-Forex makes forex trading simple and cheap

Traditional Forex trading and trading currencies is reserved for the more affluent people. Easy-Forex was one of the first to do Forex trading online more accessible to most people.

Easy-Forex is very cheap to speculate in foreign currency, when compared to similar competitors, and if we look compared to prices in the Bank will be even cheaper. There are competitive spreads, and absolutely no kurtsaje or fees on transactions.

How to become a customer and deposit money at Easy-Forex

withdrawals and deposits are simple. It only takes a few minutes to create an account, and when you have put money into this account, you can start trading in a wide range of currency pairs.

to go to the registration form which we have linked to in the link below, so that you can easily follow the registration process and in the next few minutes you will have your own currency account at Easy-Forex. Of course, it’s free to sign up and it’s free to own an account at Easy-Forex.

Easy-Forex review

All in all, Easy-Forex broker a force that demands respect. They were one of the first to come up with offers of currency trading online, and has been online longer than most.

Today show as one of the most popular Web conveys pure from currency trading online, and with good reason. Here’s everything you need technology tools to perform advanced technical analysis on your own, and it is easy to add or delete orders.

Kit set limits for losses (stop-loss) and ensure that the benefits (take-profit) makes it easier to succeed in Forex trading via Easy-Forex.

Beginners might miss the opportunity to engage in social commerce, this is recommended in front of eToro. If you need to run the professional trading Easy-Forex is still a better choice. eToro is for those who want to copy other players, and Easy-Forex is brilliant for those who want to use their own trading strategies and make money on your own.

We would definitely recommend Easy-Forex for others involved in foreign exchange trading. It is easy to register and it only takes minutes to open a trading account if you make a deposit by credit or debit card (they have a secure transfer routine to deposit funds on the trading account).

Easy-Forex is our “best in test” broker “among online brokers.

Binary options in Sweden and in the Swedish

Binary options in Sweden and in the Swedish

Many wonder what the right binary options are and what happens when you deal with bin honor options. For others, it is important to get information on Swedish but also find a broker who has translated his platform to Swedish. Brokers are starting to realize that if you want to simplify trading binary options further for Swedish customers so the next step is at fully localize for Sweden.

This is the best Swedish broker for binary options right now


bdswiss2 more information visit-maklare
Still, the market for binary options quite small in Sweden, and therefore do not have enough agents aimed at Sweden as a market. It is changing and more and more brokers to invest now to have a platform that fully supports the Swedish language. This means that both the broker’s site content and self trading platform is available in Swedish

Swedish customer support

Although some brokers decided to adapt its Web page for Sweden so could it be that customer support is still not in Swedish, and so also the phone number. Usually you will find the information on the site pretty fast if there is a number to Sweden. There is not it so I propose that you use by email or chat to get in touch with an account manager in order to not pay extra telephone costs. But of course, if it’s critical, it’s just call.


Even though everything is adapted to Swedish, it is not always so that the broker offers binary options from the Swedish market.

IE. The stock indices are popular among traders but Swedish stock indexes still shines with its absence. In it so the popularity increases and demand so ka to make a request of their brokers. This is something that BBinary offers to its customers on its site.

Even when it comes to Forex trading, it is of course the most common trading valutarna to do. URDvs.EUR/USD/JPY/AUS/CAD etc.

Which broker is popular among Swedes right now?

Right now it seems like BDswiss really dominates among brokers in binary options in Sweden. One of the reasons is that they have located all over their site and Platform for Swedish and not only that, there is also a Swedish phone numbers to contact support. This is a fairly new service of BDSwiss and very appreciated, for it is a tekcen of a new standard in binary options in Sweden.

Best Forex Broker

Best Forex Broker

The best Swedish valutamäklarna on the net. Whether you trade currency in order to earn big money or as an exciting hobby so is the choice of forex broker is very important. Below you will find the best forex brokers online.

Best Swedish Forex Brokers

Brokerage Review
AvaTradeAvaTrade is a well-known Fx online broker that offers a first-rate forex trading service. Besides currencies so also offered shares and trade with rävaror. Their platform is excellent just like their support.

Free Demo: Yes
Mini Account: Yes-$ 100
Best Spread: 3 pips
Leverage: Max: 400
Mobile Commerce: Yes
Swedish site: Yes
Forex Training: Yes
Personal trading coach: no

-Visit AvaTrade
-AvaTrade Review


Support: 10
Software: 10
Bonus: 10
Ease of use: 10
Analysis Tools: 10
Leverage: 9
Training: 8

Total Rating 9.6

eToroeToro is an excellent FX online broker that blah is a world famous trading platform. Their customer service and different forex account is also really good. Best for Social Trading.

Free Demo: Yes
Mini Account: Yes-$ 50
Best Spread: 2 pips
Leverage: Min: 25 Max: 400
Mobile Commerce: Yes
Swedish site: Yes
Forex Training: Yes
Personal trading coach: Yes, for Gold and VIP account.

-Visit eToro
-eToro Review


Support: 9
Software: 10
Bonus: 8
Ease of use: 9
Analysis Tools: 10
Leverage: 9
Education: 10

Overall rating 9.3

Easy ForexEasy Forex offers a very good brokerage service. Their software is easy to navigate and they have a wide range of forex tools. Easy Forex offers as the name suggests a forex service with a focus on simplicity. Their analysis tools and service is advanced but easy to navigate and use.

Free Demo: Yes
Mini Account: Yes-$ 25
Best Spread: 3 pips
Leverage: Max: 200
Mobile Commerce: Yes
Swedish site: no
Forex Training: Yes
Personal trading coach: no

-Visit Easy Forex
-Easy Forex Review

Easy Forex

Support: 10
Software: 9
Bonus: 9
Ease of use: 10
Analysis Tools: 9
Leverage: 9
Training: 8

Overall rating 9.1

IronFXIron FX is a new forex brokers who, among other things, offers really good analysis, strong signup bonus and a great support.

Free Demo: Yes
Mini Account: Yes-$ 500
Best Spread: 0 pips
Leverage: Max: 500
Mobile Commerce: Yes
Swedish site: no
Forex Training: Yes
Personal trading coach: Yes
Social Trading: Yes

-Visit IronFX


Support: 8
Software: 8
Bonus: 10
Ease of use: 9
Analysis Tools: 8
Leverage: 10
Education: 9

Overall rating 8.9 Valutamäkalre for Forex Trading and commodity is a really good Forex brokers who besides currencies also offers high-quality trading in commodities and stocks. A complete broker with a very helpful and knowledgeable customer support.

Free Demo: Yes
Mini Account: Yes-$ 100
Best Spreads: EUR/USD 2.2
Leverage: Max: 200
Mobile Commerce: Yes
Swedish site: Yes
Forex Training: Yes
Personal trading coach: Yes

-Visit Review

Support: 8
Software: 9
Bonus: 8
Ease of use: 9
Analysis Tools: 8
Leverage: 9
Education: 9

Overall rating 8.6

Trading Forex Markets Point BrokerXE (former Trading Point) is a very strong forex brokers offering trading in currencies, commodities and CFDs. XE Markets has also strong analysis tools and a great signup bonus.

Free Demo: Yes
Mini Account: Yes-$ 5
Best Spread: 1 pips
Leverage: Max: 888
Mobile Commerce: Yes
Swedish site: no
Forex Training: Yes
Personal trading coach: Yes

-Visit XE Markets
XE Markets

Support: 8
Software: 7
Bonus: 7
Ease of use: 9
Analysis Tools: 9
Leverage: 10
Training: 8

Total Rating 8.4

ForexYardForexyard offers great customer service, has a good software and good both Fx standard Fx mini account.

Free Demo: Yes
Mini Account: Yes-$ 100
Best Spread: 3 pips
Leverage: Max: 200
Mobile Commerce: Yes
Swedish site: Yes
Forex Training: Yes
Personal trading coach: Yes, for VIP customers

-Visit ForexYard


Support: 6
Software: 8
Bonus: 6
Ease of use: 7
Analysis Tools: 7
Leverage: 7
Training: 8

Overall rating 6.7

* All brokers above is licensed and registered.
* * All brokers above offers Forex trading and CFD Trading commodity trading also.

Best Forex Brokers Online

Best Forex broker OnlineValet of forex broker is so clearly personal. But the forex brokers we have chosen to present on our Fx Forex is the best on the net. So no matter which online broker you choose, you are in good hands.

If you are unsure of your choice so you can click around on the forex sites may also open up a demo account with the brokers of your choice. Then you can test the forex broker myself and it will be easier to decide which you prefer. To open a demo account is of course completely free of charge.

Choosing Forex Online Broker

To find a Fx broker that feels good is important no matter what your goal with your Forex trading. To trade forex is very much about the Fx tools and the information that your online brokers offer. Their platform to provide market analysis, finance related information and “real time” in foreign exchange rates.


“Leverage” is the leverage that Fx Brokers offers. This is also an important part of choosing a broker. A “leverage” of 100:1 is considered normal as good enough. A “leverage” of 100:1 means that if you threads with a sum of $ 100 to buy a total of 100 times it, i.e. $ 10 000. Which means that you earn more money when things are going well for you, but also that the risk is rising.

“Leverage” is one of the key factors behind the forex trading but that forex broker offers good analyses and other forex tools are also very important, usually more important. So stare you blind only on the “leverage” on offer.

What Are CFDs and Best CFD Trading?

What Are CFDs?

CFD is an abbreviation of Contract For Difference and a generic term that is used in the context of trade and speculation of so-called “underlying assets”.


Underlying assets can in theory be just about anything but the most common are:

Commodities, such as gold, oil, silver, corn, natural gas and crude oil
Stock indices-such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, OMXS30 etc
Individual stocks-such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Volvo, Ericsson, etc
Cfd’s-The Underlying Principle

CFD’s PrincipDen principle behind with CFD’s are:
CFD is a contract (a so-called financial derivatainstrument) that allows the merchant can make a profit (or loss) at the price movement of the underlying asset.

The retailer owns not software but instead a contract with a broker. This contract is based on the difference between the value of the goods at the time of the affair until the merchant elects to terminate the deal.


CFD Trading

CFD Trading with CFD based on how you think an underlying asset will be developed in the future. If you believe that an underlying asset such as gold prices, will rise to place a purchase order. Do you think instead that the price of gold will drop, place a sell order.

It can be said that by placing a buy order, actually buy the opportunity to buy at a certain price. So if the price of gold goes up, so do you have earned money because the price when you added your buy orders were lower.

This is the basic idea of CFD and this very fundamental idea is, in theory, very straight and simple. The hard part is, of course, in anticipation of the price of the underlying product you choose to trade will rise or fall.

CFD Trading And Leverage

The main reason for CFD trading has grown in popularity is the ability to make money on small price movements. Thanks to something called leverage. The broker you have chosen will offer you a leverage which means that you only need to cover part of the total amount, your broker will cover the rest.

Exactly which lever you are offered will depend on the underlying be you choose to speculate but also on which broker you choose. You will find the best agents for CFD trading below.

Best CFD Trading

Best Swedish CFD Broker
Brokerage Review
AvaTrade CFD HandelAvaTrade is a popular choice for trade with CFDs. Why is their formidable customer care and educational programs for CFD and forex trading. If you want to trade commodities, energy products or stocks and indexes, so AvaTrade is a really good choice.

They offer free demo account in which you can get to know the software and also learn more about CFD trading. Would you then create a real account so you are offered a signup bonus on your first deposit. AvaTrades CFD site is in Swedish. Please note that certain lessons and utblidningsmaterial, however, are only available in English.

-Visit AvaTrade
-AvaTrade Review is another popular option. may be seen as ones that are here to stay. Their customer service is good just as opportunities to learn more about CFD trading. Their CFD site can be found at Swedish and also it offers you free demo account in which you can try you out without risk.

-Visit Review
etoro Trading With CFDSeToro is a CFD broker that is old in gamete. etoro has been and is still a popular choice for all types of trade, including CFD’s of eToro offers you a free demo account and a CFD-site entirely in Swedish.

Risks Of CFD Trading

The most obvious drawback is of course that it is not only the profit doubled thanks to the lever. While the loss is affected in the same way by leverage. Always keep that in mind.

CFD trading is incredibly exciting and the possibilities are great. But it is also very difficult to keep a cool head when the major price movements takes off. Therefore always follow our two most basic advice for trade with CFDs and forex:

Always have a predetermined plan for different share movements
Speculate never with money you can’t afford to lose
Do you follow these two, very clear and simple advice, you have a good chance to become a successful CFD trader.

Startup guide to Forex trading

Startup guide to Forex trading

Forex trading (Forex trading) is an activity that can make you rich if you’re willing to take some risks. Learn currency trading here.

Here you can trade Forex, stocks, and more:

The world’s most popular social trading network. Recommended!
* Your capital is at risk. Trade CFDs on shares (CFD-service).
The world’s largest investment network. Excellent for beginners.
Forex trading
Forex trading is exciting and instructive, and if you can tolerate a little risk, you can earn big money in the foreign exchange market. etoro have free guides and tutorials for Forex trading.

Currency is a means of payment for one or more countries. Examples of currency is the Swedish krona, euros, us dollars, Japanese yen, and so on.

Many people buy (or “switches”) currency when they go on holiday abroad. Swedes travelling to Spain for example, växler Swedish Crowns to the euro. Then you buy euro and sell Swedish kronor. This is the basic currency trading.

You can also buy and sell currencies with the intention of making money, and that’s exactly what we’re going to write about here. This is very exciting, and many earn good money from forex trading.

Get started with Forex trading

If you want to make money buying and selling currency, you must use a foreign exchange platform, this is usually done via the Internet.

It can be a bit difficult to decide which services you should use.

A popular and stable currency platform that many people use is Easy-Forex. It is a Forex broker for beginner and amateur in Forex trading, as well as for professional speculators. They offer exchange rates in real time for currency, and a number of tools that can help you when you trade currencies.

The first thing you should do is create a currency account. Then you can transfer funds, or try forex trading free without risking your own money.

We will return to this later in the article. First we’ll write a little bit about risk in foreign exchange trading, and what it takes to succeed in buying and selling currency.

Forex trading is not for everyone

You must have a desire to make money, and you have to be willing to learn. To be successful in forex trading, you need to think clearly. You must also be willing to risk their own money.

The advantage of forex trading is that you can start small and you don’t have to be rich to try.

It is also possible to get rich on currency trading, and many have become very rich to buy and sell currency.

It can go both ways, you can lose money, or to earn money.

How to start with Forex trading

It’s easier to start Forex trading than many think. Anyone can start, and there are no complicated processes before you can start trading currencies.

Forex trading occurs almost always online, and you use a currency broker to buy and sell currencies.

Here are two great services you can use to trade currencies:

etoro is a social investment platform. They make it easy to understand what’s going on in the forex. etoro is a unique service that is perfect for those who have never tried on before foreign exchange trading. etoro is an open and fun way to invest and do trading with currencies, commodities and indexes online. See who is using what, in real time, follow the best traders and automatically copy what they do.
Easy-Forex is another popular foreign exchange service on the internet. You can trade currencies, including the Swedish krona, dollar, euro, British pound, Japanese yen, to name a few. Open an account and you will receive a personal broker to help you get started. Here you can trade on margin up to 100 x, which increases the risk but which can also make you richer much faster.

Foreign exchange market: the world’s biggest financial market

The foreign exchange market (Forex Exchange) is the largest financial market in the world. Currencies are traded for several thousand billion (several billiarder!) every day.

The size of the Forex market has many advantages for people who want to buy and sell currencies to make money.

Likvititet: the market is the most liquid in the world-which means you can be sure to sell your currency.
Profit opportunities: there is always an opportunity to make money in the Forex market, every second, all day!
How do you earn money on Forex market?

The secret to making money on the currency is as easy as to buy cheap and sell for more.

The basics of Forex trading is easy to understand. You buy a currency with another currency. For example: If you buy the dollar with Swedish kronor. Then wait until the price rises. If your dollar is rising in value against the Swedish krona, you can switch back to the Swedish Crown and you have made money.

How much you earn depends on how much you bills and how much prices rise.

What currency you should buy to make money?

This is the big question. It’s all about timing in the foreign exchange market. It’s all about buying and selling at the right time. If you know how to buy cheap and sell for more so you have what you need knowledge to get rich on currency trading.

A tip is to start with a currency pair, such as SEC + euros, or EUR + USD. Instead of trying to learn a bit about all the currency pairs, so focus on a currency pair. For example, you can begin to study the link between the Swedish krona and United States dollar, or between the euro and the Japanese yen-you choose what you want to trade.

Here’s the big secret in Forex trading:

The real secret is to find out what signals that will allow the price to go down or up. You can also ignore all these fundamental tones, and instead just think of it as technically-that is to say that you analyze the price history of a currency pair instead of looking at the underlying conditions.

If the unemployment rate in Sweden is increasing dramatically, while it is stable in the United States, it can mean that the Swedish Crown weakened. If the population in the United States use more money on food, it may help the dollar.

Buying and selling currency is easy

It is relatively easy to get started with Forex trading, and you can easily earn some money, but it can go either way. It’s not super easy to get rich in forex, but it is definitely possible!

The best practice is to try forex trading free. (You can do that with eToro or Easy-Forex). When you are ready and feel empowered to deal with real money, you can insert your money in a foreign currency account.

Forex trading is fun and very educational, and you can make money and build a fortune just to buy and trade currency online.

Get rich on “margin trading”

Currency trading is risky, but anyone who is not prepared to take risks will never be rich, at least not get rich quick.

When you are trading on margin (“leverage trading”), you can do something really spectacular:

For just a small amount of money, let’s say 1,000 dollars you can invest 100,000 dollars in the foreign exchange market. This means that if you get a positive return, so this will be calculated in relation to an amount of 100,000 Swedish kronor.

This is gold! Let us explain why this example: you trade exchange for 1,000 dollars, with a leverage of 100 x. If you get a return of 24%, you have now earned 24% of 100,000 (and not just a 1000 dollars), which represents 24,000 kronor!

The downside of leverage trading is that it is much more likely that you will lose your entire investment.
The advantage, of course, is that you can earn money much faster, and more money each time you take a good decision.
Easy-Forex is a popular service for Forex trading offering leverage trading of up to 100 x. (You get free advice on this when creating an account).

etoro is also an excellent service, this is a social investment platform perfect for those who have never tried on foreign exchange trading before. Here you can invest and do trading with currencies, commodities and indices online, and see who is using what, in real time, follow the best traders and automatically copy what they do.

Investing | Learn more about investing on the Internet: currency & commodities

Investing | Learn more about investing on the Internet: currency & commodities

In the past, it was difficult to make their investments. All securities trading, securities and commodity prices, exchange rate much more needs to be done by the investor’s bank manager or Fund, the investor is connected. With a presence on the Internet has become a lot easier to make their investments through one of the missing agents offering investment services online. Investments on the Internet has made it easier and enable more people to invest in one of the many possible investment markets.

On the Internet you can now invest in particular:

Commodities like gold, silver, copper and oil
What is investment?
An investment means that you deposit money on something, hope to profit. More specifically, with the investment commitment of money or capital for the purchase of financial instruments or other assets make profitable returns in the form of interest income (in the form of dividends) or appreciation (capital gains) of the instrument.

Each time a person makes an investment that makes him/her while a savings and thus choose to defer consumption.

Investment requires caution and to the individual investor is properly in the area within the investment made. Right knowledge (or at least feel), is important in online investment, because the investments on the Internet usually takes place without the advice of financial professionals. It is in all forms of investment, including via the Internet — is worth noting that each investment is associated with some risk and investment risk level is usually closely associated with the possibility of profit.

Top 3 forex meglere

Horse riding Bonus Tilsynsmyndighed Besøk


Plus500 NOK 200 Financial Conduct Authority Oprett Account
See Reed this review

etoro-# 2 forex broker
etoro $ 1,000 Finanstilsynet Oprett Account
See Reed this review

Avafx-# 3 forex broker
ETX Capital Bonus up to £ 5000
(License for Financial Conduct Authority)

Be careful when you invest on internet
The Internet has given investors the opportunity to invest 24/7, and in securities transactions with pretty much anything, and without the hefty fees that many banks charge for their advice.

But the Internet is not infallible, and it is important to ensure that its information correctly.

The public American side OnGuard Online has some good advice about online investment:

Protect your password for online investment accounts, and avoid sharing it with others on the Internet, via email or phone.
Protect your computer properly. Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software – and make sure your security software is up-to-date.
Avoid using public or other shared computers when you sign your online accounts. And be careful with the wireless network you use when you shop at your online investment accounts.
Do not believe everything you read in online newsletters, blogs, forums and investment articles wikipedia. Fraudsters often send false data around the Internet to get you to do inappropriate things.
Make sure that the site you are using as a broker is regulated by the FSA in Denmark and/or the EU.

EasyForex-best broker for stock trading and Forex trading

EasyForex-best broker for stock trading and Forex trading

EasyForex offers the possibility to act in Swedish and non-Swedish shares, as well as in the Forex, commodities, indices and exotic instruments like ETFS and CFDS. A cheap and good online broker!

EasyForex is an online broker that demands respect. This is one of the cheapest online broker clean on the Swedish market. Because of all this has become the also very popular among the customers.

Try EasyForex free

New customers who open a trading account with EasyForex can get free trial:

Try EasyForex free

Shop Swedish shares at EasyForex

You can trade stocks with EasyForex Swedish and non-Swedish shares. In addition, you can buy index from all over the world, including the Swedish OBX index on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

often gives confidence to act in the near companies that you know and who have Swedish roots. For others, foreign shares, which restricts most. Anyway, do you have the freedom to choose EasyForex, whether it is locally or in the more global stage. Trade opportunities are many.

EasyForex review

Our conclusion is that EasyForex is one of the best online brokers pure online and the best in its category. There is a wide range of trade opportunities and it is easy to trade the currency, stock purchase, participate in commodities and exotic instruments trade CFDs and ETF.

The major advantage of EasyForex, besides free bonus of 150 million, is that the service is very cheap. With interest free trade, low spreads and no commissions on stock trading is a leading online broker if you just look at the price. When the trading platform is also as good as it is, so we conclude that this is one of our favorites among online brokers with Swedish.

Try it now: