All or nothing-options

All or nothing-options is another name for binary options. All or nothing-options are actually a better name because it better explains how these options work. Binary options sounds much more complicated than all or nothing-options. This despite the fact that binary options mean the same thing, that there are two possible outcomes, all or nothing, gain or loss. Binary options are also called digital options and over-/underoptioner.

What is an all or nothing option?


An all or nothing option is a temporary option where you are trying to predict how a financial instrument will be developed over a period of time. You can either buy options that pay off if the stock market during the pre-determined period goes up or down. If you correctly predicted how the current instrument or market developed to serve mostly a predetermined amount. If you were wrong about how the market developed so, you lose the whole stake. Options becoming worthless.

There are some exceptions to these rules. In some cases you can get part of his bet back if you almost had it right, IE. If the market comes close to develop as it predicted when it bought all or nothing option. An example of this might be if you buy an option that pays out if the market goes up and it goes down just a little. In these cases, you usually back 15-25% of the option’s price.

There are also all or nothing-options which do not serve a predetermined amount, but how much you earn depends on how much the underlying instrument moves during the period.

The most common type of all-or-nothing options are, however, options with a predetermined profit if you correctly predict how the underlying instrument or market develops.

You can buy all or nothing options with different time limits. Anywhere from 10 seconds to the end of the trading day is the usual time constraints. Sometimes you can find options with longer maturities.

How is it all or nothing-options?

If you want to trade with all or nothing-options, you have to get an account with a broker offering trading binary options. Binary options are traded on Nasdaq OMX. There are a wide variety of brokers to choose from and many give you a bonus when you start shopping. The easiest way to find a good broker is to read our reviews here at binä or google “binary options brokers”. We here at binä have put a lot of time and energy to create what we believe is the best and most complete review section where we give our honest opinion on all popular brokers.

When you have registered with a broker to trade in all or nothing-options, it is very easy to shop. You can trade both on your computer and on your mobile through to easily navigate your way to the type of option that you would like to purchase. Then, select how much money you would like to purchase options for and when you select this, you can complete your purchase with one click. Some sites offer trading in Swedish, while others only offer English. If you know English, you can easily trade in both languages. No specialist English required.

Why shop with all-or-nothing options?

trade in your mobile phone all or nothing-options are exciting options where you can quickly make a lot of money. If you correctly predict the market can make a lot of money in as little as 10 seconds. This then it unlike for example. with the shares do not have to wait for the stock market to rise and sell their shares to get a win. With all-or-nothing options do you get immediately a significant profit if you correctly predict the development of the market.

However, it is also possible to quickly lose a lot of money. If you wrongly predicting market development will lose of course as we know its entire stake. You can, however, be options for small amounts making all or nothing warrants a great spice in your investment portfolio.. You can quickly make a lot of money by correctly predicting the market and if at any time you are predicting error then your losses limited.