Best Binary Options Brokers

Here we list the best and most reliable binary options broker in Sweden, so if you are looking for the best side for binary options you really have come to the right place. It is only selecting the broker that you think might be best for you, but feel free to test their demo accounts before you start shopping for real money. Further down on this page you can read more about what requirements we have on our broker and where we show you what you should consider when choosing a broker.

These brokers are regulated, licensed and are safe to trade on.

If our Swedish broker

You’ll find no rogue Swedish agents here on ombinä, no brokers who promise more than they can hold and that has a lot of fine print conditions. This is very important because brokers of binary options do not need to have any special permission to trade in Sweden, which has meant that there are too many rogue brokers in the market.
Brokers ‘ platforms are stable and reliable so you don’t risk losing touch with the broker’s server.
The platforms are also easy-to-use because we do not think it will be difficult to trade binary options.
We chose off the brokers who take too much in profit and having unreasonable conditions.
We list only broker with a good reputation among investors.

Select brokers

Here we give you some tips to make it easier for you to find the binary options broker that works best for you.

Broker offers the kind of binary options to bet on? You should always check the underlying assets you can speculate because it differs a bit between the different agents. For example, if you want to speculate much in currencies, you should check that the broker’s binary options is based on the currencies you want to speculate.
What payment methods can you use and what about withdrawing funds? It should of course be smooth and safe to deposit and withdraw funds from your account.
The broker has an app for mobile? If you want to trade binary options on mobile phones or tablet, you should check that the broker has a smooth app you can use, otherwise you should test how well it works using the browser of your mobile phone.
What are the deposit and investment requirements like? Look at how much you have to put in to your account if you want to start trading with real money. It is also important to know how the broker’s minimiplacering looks and how much you maximum position in a binary option. Placements may rarely be less than € 5 of the brokers with the lowest investment requirements and the roof is usually on a few thousand euros.
The percentage of profit you get? If you make a successful placement, you get in practice just as much profit as you placed, but the broker will of course also have a small part of the pie so check what percentage the broker takes. It is no wonder at all that agents take a certain fee because they naturally have to earn something on their business just like ordinary stockbroker does.
We test our agents and make high demands

Something that is very important to point out is that we have tried to trade binary options of all brokers, we would never want to recommend something we ourselves have not tested. We go through each step, from registration of account, customer support, deposit and withdraw, and of course, what it’s like to shop at their respective brokers. We also writes every review so absolutely honestly as possible, we lift up both weaknesses and strengths. It combined with the fact that we only list brokers are regulated, we can provide our recommendations without any problem.

Something that is a bit of our pride is that we can stand behind our reviews and recommendations for 100%, there are other sites in Sweden comparing brokers for binary options listing non-performing brokers because they get paid for it. We list only broker we know live up to our high standards.

Best side for binary options in Sweden?

We may from time to time issue which broker is best for trading of binary options and it is a difficult question to answer. You should ask yourself the question what brokers fit you best instead. Some of our favorites to personally shop at is IQ Option, AnyOption, Banc De Binary and 24Option. The brokers used most frequently by us is the IQ Option. We think, however, that all brokers on our site is good, it is one of the fundamental requirements for us to list them. There is simply no good answer to that question, no broker is “best”. The most important thing is that the broker is safe to shop at, but otherwise, it is simply a matter of taste.

Licensed by CySEC and regulated by the financial agency

One of our main demands that we make of the broker listed on our site is that they must hold a license from CySEC and that they should be governed by the financial administration (FI) does not have a broker any of this means that we will not be able to recommend them. These licences are not easy to get, and only serious financial services will be assigned license a license. Another requirement is that they should not be listed in the financial administration’s warning list. A third requirement is that they should have a good reputation among the traders. If the deficiencies at any of the above points so we will not list the broker. Select a real estate agent from our website, you can be sure that it is safe to trade binary options with them.

Non-performing brokers

In addition to the agent who actually have licenses so there is a whole bunch of other brokers who are unregulated. Is it safe to trade binary options of these brokers? Of course, some agents have licenses in other markets and is therefore safe to shop at. We insist, however, that you choose broker that is non-performing locally. In General, there are still many brokers out there that are bogus and where you will be scammad. We have also begun to list non-performing brokers. In these articles, it is clear that mäkaren is unregulated and unsafe to shop at. See our article on Traderush as an example.

Briefly about our Brokers

Here we give you a brief intro to each broker we list. If you want to get the full transparency of the brokers we recommend for trading of binary options so we strongly recommend that you check out the reviews we have written, they will go on detail through brokers. However, you are looking for some quick information so you will be able to find it here.


Minimum deposit: $ 200
Demo Account: No
Bonus: up to 300%
Anyoption is actually the first broker for binary options on the internet. Their Web site and trading platform, launched in 2008. With their long experience fits AnyOption almost all investors. However, we recommend all AnyOption to newbies when they offer a percentage refund on failed investments. This provides a greater safety but restricts benefits to a certain extent. However, most AnyOption.

IQ Option

Minimum deposit: € 10
Demo account: YES (for free, no deposit required)
Bonus: YES – up to 30%
IQ Option launched his platform in 2013 and is therefore quite new within the binary options. It’s nothing you’ll let yourself be fooled by. Here in our Office is IQ Option one of the Favorites. Their platform is sexy and they offer low minimum deposit and a free demo account. A broker who fit both new and more experienced investors.


Minimum deposit: € 250
Demo Account: YES
Bonus: YES – up to 100%
24option is considered by many to be one of the largest and most respected broker. They launched its trading platform less than 2009, barely a year after AnyOption. 24option is a really experienced brokers. 24option has a wide range and is suitable for all investors. Anything negative with the broker is very high omsättskrav on the bonus.

Banc De Binary

Minimum deposit: $ 250
Demo Account: YES
Bonus: YES – up to 100%
Banc De Binary is a broker with extensive experience of binary options, the platform was launched in 2009. Their platform is simple to understand and to use, their own motto is “simplicity pays” and it is reflected when using their product. REALTOR fits experienced and less experienced traders. High wagering requirements for bonus so we recommend that you avoid the bonus.


Minimum deposit: $ 250
Demo Account: YES
Bonus: YES – up to 100%
Stockpair is a broker who offers a pretty wide selection but who specializes in shares, would you invest mainly in shares is Stockpair the broker you are looking for. Stockpair also offers a nice educational service that we would like to highlight. REALTOR suits experienced investors and beginners.


Minimum deposit: € 200
Demo Account: No
Bonus: YES – up to € 50
BDswiss is relatively new in the binary options but they have quickly built up a very good reputation. Their platform is stable and works very well. The broker also offers nice conditions and ok wagering requirement of the bonus. Nothing negative is that the lack of training materials and market analyses, some competitors are better at.

Top Option

Minimum deposit: $ 100
Demo Account: YES
Bonus: YES – up to 100%
The top Option is one of the fastest growing brokers within binary options. 2013 they launched their platform and has quickly built up a good reputation. They offer really good utbildningsmateral and a good demo account where you can test your way. Nothing negative is that after your account has been inactive for 90 days so they draw a monthly fee of $ 5. Top Option suitable for both experienced and less experienced investors.


Minimum deposit: $ 100
Demo Account: No
Bonus: YES – up to 150%
Eztrader is one of the first agents of binary options and offers options trading since 2008. They have a pretty stormy reputation and if you ask around you will hear mixed opinions. The broker, however, is regulated by the FI and holds a license from CySEC. We recommend Eztrader primarily for beginners.