Over / under options

Over-/underoptioner is another name for binary options. They are also known by various other names such as. all or nothing-options and digital options. These options are called in English call/put options. This type of options was former governing such as casino games, but they have since evolved and is now to be financial instruments traded as such. Many brokers of over-/underoptioner is based abroad and are governed by the rules for over-/underoptioner and trading with financial instruments in their homeland. They may, in accordance with EU regulations Act and sell binary options in Sweden without having to license from the Swedish financial supervisory authority.


What is the over/under options?

Over-/underoptioner are options where you are trying to predict how a market or a financial instrument will be developed during a predetermined period of time. If one predicts the development correctly so you will receive a pro-rated reimbursement. (In some cases, this compensation depend on the underlying instrument’s development but this is usually given not the case.). If you are wrong then the options worthless

When it’s all over-/underoptioner it is possible to choose between buying a over option or option.


With a överoption so that the emphasis is on the underlying objects must go up.

If the underlying object goes up before the option’s output to earn you money
If the underlying object goes down so are options worthless and you have lost your bet.
Under options:

With a sub option guessing one of underlying objects will go down.

If the underlying object goes down before the option’s output to earn you money
If the underlying object goes up so are options worthless and you have lost your bet.

Why trade with over-/underoptioner?

Over-/underoptioner makes it possible to quickly make a lot of money if you can correctly predict the market and different financial instruments will be developed while at the same time have a limited down side because it can only lose the option’s price. To the use of over-/underoptioner easily get several hundred percent return on invested capital in a single day. Many over-/underoptioner pays between 70-90% return if you correctly predict the underlying instrument’s development. There are, however, more specific options that could provide as much as 500% return. This makes binary options to a potentially much more profitable and exciting instrument than stocks.

There are lots of different over-/underoptioner for you to choose from. This often makes it possible to find an option that is based on a financial instrument that you think is relatively easy to predict how it will evolve.

Another advantage is that binary or over-/underoptioner is so easy to understand and deal with. Everyone can deal with them without the need for any financial background and without having to be familiar with the market. If you take the time to do more research and to follow a particular instrument more intense can, however, make more money than we otherwise probably will earn.