Risks with binary option

Risks with binary option

To trade binary options is not without risk and it is very important that you understand the risks you take when you trade binary options before you start shopping with them. Binary options is also known as often for all-or-nothing options because most people only have two possible outcomes.

If the underlying instrument (such as stock market indices or a single share) developed as you expected so you earn money. This yield can either be predefined (for example, 85%) or depending on how the underlying instrument is developed.


The underlying instrument is not progressing as you predicted. If this happens, you will lose your entire stake. Your investment in binary options are when this happens usually not worth anything at all.

When you invest in binary options you risk to lose your entire stake. However, you cannot lose more than the option’s price so your risk is unlike trade with some other options limited to your initial bet.

risk with binara options Bin honor options, due to their nature, only be used as a spice in your investment portfolio. They should not be your only type of investment for two reasons:

They can give high returns but is also associated with high risk. By limiting their share of your portfolio, you limit the risk you take.

Binary option is short-term investments. They do not create long-term values and they are not long-term investments. You should also invest in longer-term instruments such as stocks and bonds.

We recommend that you never bet more than 5-10% of your capital investerbara in binary options.

It is important to remember that binary options are investment items where both luck and skill determines whether you make money or not.

Knowledge and skills will help you to predict how the stock market probably will develop during the option’s life. However, it is impossible to predict how the stock market will be developed for a limited time and we therefore need to have luck on their side in order to earn money.

It is important to remember this when you are trading binary options and not get annoyed and emotional when luck is not on your side. If this happens then we risk start taking stupid decision to recover their losses. When you start to “Chase” their losses often lose even more than it otherwise would have done. In poker and other games is called often to “tilt”, IE. When your emotions take over and prevent one from acting logically and successfully. This is a real risk when you are trading binary options as it is when playing poker.


Limit your risks

It is often a good idea to try to limit the risks you take when you are trading binary options. This then binary options often have very short maturities. Down to as little as 10 seconds. These short durations make it easy to quickly lose a lot of money. Especially if you “tilts” as described above. You should therefore limit how much you let herself Act or lose on binary options for a single day or week. In this way to prevent losing too much money when luck is on one’s side, and maximize the amount of money you earn over time.

Binary options can be an interesting season in one’s investment portfolio and a great way to make a lot of money quickly but to be a successful trader it is necessary to know the market, and the risks of the trade. If you do not, it will not reach its full potential and risks when making less money than you might otherwise earn.

How do I earn money on a binary option?

How do I earn money on a binary option?

If you get the right in his prediction obtains a certain predetermined amount of money or a certain predetermined access per option. If you get wrong will receive no compensation at all. The option will always be worthless at expiration, so unlike for example a stock, it cannot save his option for future use.


Binary options binary options is called because it either is fully paid or lose everything on a binary option. So there are only two different positions.

The worst thing that can happen when you bought a binary option is that it becomes useless. It is not possible to lose more money than you purchased options for.

Among individuals, it is normal that you buy binary options, but larger investors can also exhibit (sell) options.

European style or American style – what about binary options?

In financial values are talking about options of European style and options of American style. (There are other kinds of options, including hybrids between the European and American style, but they are rarer.)

Binary options are normally of European style, which means that they can only be effected on the due date. Options of American style can, however, enforce at any time up to and including the maturity date. Binary options of American style exists, but is much rarer than binary options of European style. Binary options of American style usually called one-touch options.

Time frames
There is nothing to prevent binary options are set out in a long time, but time is far more common. The starting time is sometimes as close as 60 seconds after purchase.

Examples of common timelines for binary options:

30 seconds
60 seconds
30 minutes
1 hour
Stock Exchange’s closure the same day
What are the most common binary options?
The vast majority of currently existing binary options is included in either of these two categories:

Cash-or-nothing (or nothing) is a binary option where you get a certain predetermined amount of money if you are correct in your prediction. Options of type cash-or-nothing is popular among investors who want to know both exactly how much they can lose and exactly how much they can win.


You buy an option of type cash-or-nothing that is linked to the value of a share in the company YYY. The agreement says that you’ll get $ 1,000 in compensation if YYY shares are worth at least $ 100 when American Stock Exchange closes today, on 15 april.

This means that you are already at the moment of purchase know you at the close of business on april 15, will either lose the cost of buying the option or receive $ 1,000 in compensation. This is the only scenario that could occur. No other amounts or dates may be at issue.


Asset-or-nothing (or nothing) is a binary option where the compensation you receive if you are correct in your prediction is linked to the value of a particular asset. The access that is normally the underlying security.

Why not buy shares directly instead of going for binary options?

shares vs. binary optionerEn of the reasons why binary options have become so popular is that they can yield big dividends on a small effort.

For example, suppose that you are interested in purchasing a bingär option of type asset-or-nothing, where the underlying security is a stock today trades at € 10. You think that the stock will be at least € 100 when the American Stock Exchange will close on april 15. Due to the large difference in value, you can find an exhibitor of binary options that are willing to sell you a binary option for € 1 that will give you € 100 or more if you get right in your prediction on april 15.

You take a big risk, but has at the same time chance to go plus a great deal more than if you had invested directly in shares.


You buy 10 binary options today for € 1 each. April 15 is the unerliggande shares worth € 100. This will give you € 100 x 10 = € 1 000 on 15 april. You have made a profit of € 990.
You buy 1 share today for € 10. On april 15, is it worth € 100. You have made a profit of € 90.
Worth bearing in mind, however, is that a binary option is just binary, i.e. either or.

You buy 10 binary options today for € 1 each. April 15 is the unerliggande shares worth € 99. You get no compensation at all and has been losing € 10.
You buy 1 share today for € 10. On april 15, is it worth € 99. The shares gained, while not up to € 100, but you have still made a profit of € 89.

Binary options in EUROPE
The EU directive on markets in financial instruments (MiFID2) makes a financial futures exchanges do not have to have the Swedish State to offer binary options in Sweden, but it is enough to warrant the broker has permission from any of the EU Member States.

Today it is common for financial futures exchanges operating in the EU is registered in Cyprus and with the Cyprus State, and therefore are required to comply with the rules imposed by CySec (the Cypriot financial supervisory authority) and MiFID. Binary options are covered by the State deposit insurance in Cyprus, which has a ceiling of € 20 000.

Even Malta has regulated trade binary options and counts them as financial instruments, including trading platforms in Malta must satisfy requirements set by Malta’s financial inspection and MiFID.

The binary option’s history – from lawlessness to EU regulation

Binary options have long been available outside the regulated stock markets and bought and sold through the so-called over-the-counter (OTC) trading. Because they are not sold on any large regulated stock exchange could be difficult to find suitable köpeobjekt or get sold the binary options they wanted to get rid of before the expiration date. This led in turn to that they began to be baked into the complex option contracts which not only covered the binary options. It also began to appear completely unregulated trading platforms on the internet that did not have a licence from any jurisdiction.

Thankfully, a lot has happened in the last few years, that have made trade binary options safer. For us in the EU, for example, the ability to make our transactions on commerce platforms that submit to Cyprus or Malta legal framework for trading in financial instruments, and that, therefore, the need to comply with EU directives. Cyprus introduced its regulation in 2012, followed by Malta in the following year. It is one of the reasons why the interest in trade binary options has grown so big in Sweden and other European countries over the past year.

Cyprus class binary options financial instruments in 2012
One of the reasons that Cyprus today is a normal country to register in for serious trading platforms is that Cyprus was the first country in the EU which created a framework for binary options. This was done in response to the “lawless” platforms that market trade binary options had started to appear on the internet during the second half of the 21st century. On these platforms was no guarantee that the client’s deposits held in a separate fund, which meant that the financial problems of the company behind the platfformen could cause the client’s money was used to pay the company’s debts. There was also no independent third party could control the transactions to ensure that they were carried out correctly.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) announced in may 2012 a new policy regarding the classification of binary options as financial instruments;. 3 CySEC became this policy change the first MiFID member defined binary options as financial instruments. The platforms for trading binary options that were active in Cyprus had six months to submit a license application to the CySEC.

Malta class binary options financial instruments in 2013

In Malta, it was former Malta’s Lottery and Gaming Authority (LGA) which regulated the binary options, but since mid-June 2013 regulated binary options instead of Malta’s Financial Servies Authority (FSA). This then this authority confirmed that they believe binary options covered by the Markets In Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), 2004/39/EC. Malta became the second EU country as classified and regulated binary options financial instruments (4)

Before this change took effect, it was a game condition from LGA to arrange trade binary options on Malta, but now you should instead have a Category 3 Investment Services Licence from the FSA. That binary options is seen as financial instruments also means among other things that operators must comply with MiFID requirements on minimum capital.

Warning for rogue traders

There are operators that offer products similar to binary options without actually being there, and that in different fuzzy, try to get the buyer to believe that it’s binary options offered though this is not the case. Strange pricing, arcane terms and unserious marketing is common among this type of vendor. You should therefore be careful when examining various possibilities to invest in binary options in order to make it through a serious actor.

CFD trading | What is CFD | Contracts for difference

CFD trading | What is CFD | Contracts for difference

CFD means Contract for Difference, or Contracts for difference. A CFD is a way to speculate in the currency exchange rate changes on a stock index such as the Copenhagen Stock Exchange or speculate on changes for an individual stock. A CFD is traded between you and a CFD provider.

A CFD is a synthetic product (derivatives) which means that you do not buy a real stock – to the eligibility to vote, yield, etc. – to make an agreement to settle the difference between the contract price and the market price. That is, to make an agreement and provide the difference between the price agreed on, and the real rate at the settlement date to be settled between the two partners.

CFD Trading – go “long” on the market

When you shop with CFDer so you can both buy and sell CFDer. If you decide to go far in the market, which means that you either go through market and is equivalent to purchase those underlying shares. When prices of the shares rises to get the win, even if it is not good that the shares fall.

CFD Trading – going ‘ short ‘ on the market

If you choose to go “short” the market sell you CFDer. This means that you earn money if the shares fall in value, while you have them in your pockets, if the shares rise in value. It is this opportunity that lukererar on a falling aktiemarkand, that is what has made many investors interested in this form of trade.

The benefits and risks involved in CFD trading

Those major advantages of CFD trading is the ability to earn big money with a relatively small deposit. One can at most CFD where to buy shop for more than what you have touching you with, increasing your opportunities for big profits. In the same way that one can make a lot of money on CFD with a relatively limited investment framework, so it is a greater risk of losing their investment of CFDer, then the total value of the trade is considerably greater than the deposit, as has his brokers. hoss It goes without saying that the higher the gearing, the greater the opportunity for profit and the greater the chance of losing money. If you do not become intimidated by CFD trading, you can test the trading form hoss including Plus500 or Etoro. Then there is a set standard for CDFer so we recommend you in putting you ini firmly into the terms and conditions before you start shopping with CFDer.

Forex: how to make money on currency

Forex: how to make money on currency

Forex trading can be a wise way to invest money. In currency trading, you can earn both rising and falling markets, every minute 24 hours a day.


Forex, money, currencies
Let your money work for you. Forex has captured the interest of individuals throughout the country. Do you have some money to invest Forex trading may be just what you are looking for.

In Forex, you can earn money on currency rate fluctuations.

A foreign exchange transaction, always consists of a simultaneous purchase and sale. While buying a currency sell you another.

Example: you are using Swedish kronor to buy dollar-which means that you sell Swedish kronor.

How much can you earn with Forex?

This is due to a number of factors, but mainly these: How much are you willing to invest (risk), and what is your level?

Forex trading is easy to learn

A newbie with no special knowledge must first learn the basics of Forex trading. The easiest way to learn forex trading is to actually practice in the market: start shopping, try different strategies and observe the result.

Risk and potential returns from currency

There is usually a connection between potential yield and risk. Forex trading, you can make a lot of money, but also be aware that all investment involves risk and currency trading is no exception.

The risk, however, is highly variable, is the biggest risk that if you are trading on margin (also known as leverage, this will come back to).

Fortunately, that in Forex trading can greatly customize your risk profile, if you prefer low-to-moderate risk or high risk.

Risk adjustment is something you will understand better when you level up on the foreign exchange market. Trying to forward and find their own strategy is the key to success in Forex trading.

How much money should you invest in currency to make something significant? currency

You can start with as little or as much as you want. It is possible to earn millions even with fairly modest deposit, but don’t expect to get rich just by investing a few thousand pieces.

If you expect to be able to live on income from foreign exchange, you should probably at least 200,000 to 500,000 dollars in initial capital, in addition to having a profitable strategy. But you can start with much smaller amounts than this if you just want to run for fun.


A good rule of thumb: don’t Risk more than you can afford to lose.

How to make money on Forex trading

How can you make money with Forex? You make money if the value of the currency you are buying goes up relative to the currency you are selling.

Example: you buy euros with svneska dollars. If the euro goes up in value against the Swedish krona, you can switch back the euro against Swedish kronor, and you will make money. Also note that you can not only buy euros but you sell while Swedish kronor. In all currency trading is the simultaneous buying and selling.

Harder it is to make money with Forex trading. Then we have to be clear is how this gjrøes in practice: the services you use and how currency trading is done in practice?

Online broker for Forex

Currency trading is done through an online broker. There is a wide range of online brokers. We recommend that you use an online broker that specializes in Forex trading.

Of online brokers, we have tried, there are two, at most three, online broker that meets our requirements on currency trading online.

In particular, some candidates that stand out and that specialize only in foreign exchange trading. They have also completely positive experiences, and are discussed below.



Easy-Forex is by far the best online broker for Forex trading.


They have a specialized system for online Forex trading. Here you can buy all popular currency pairs. As a natural extension of services, Easy-Forex also introduced commodity trading where you can spec cooler in gold, silver and oil.

Do you want to know more about how currencies are traded, and how this is done in a profitable way? New customers receive a free personal introduction to currency trading with Easy-Forex, if desired. Follow-up is done either via phone, chat or email (if you will)-this is a unique opportunity for anyone who creates an account with Easy-Forex, and an excellent introduction to Forex trading in one of the most professional trading platform for Forex trading.

Traders who have 25,000 dollars or more disposal to act to achieve major benefits of using Easy-Forex. Their trading platform is superior for large customers and the most affordable to use if you open a gold or Platinum account. They also have practical mini accounts that reduce risk and small deposit required.

Easy-Forex is the best option for operators who want to use a professional trading system which can be customized just the way you like it.

Other Forex broker:

List of Forex broker online
Social trading


etoro is probably the most popular service to social trading. With over 2.5 million active merchants is the world’s largest investment network. Every day hundreds of thousands of traders eToro for trading foreign exchange.

They have an easy-to-use platform that is not a given in this industry. We have experience with many online brokers, and have tested almost all popular forex platforms, and it’s amazing how heavy or not many of these are to use. We can promise that eToro is one of the most user-friendly platform you will ever try, and it gives a big impact on how effective you are as a trader.

etoro is in our view also the most innovative solution available on the market. It is easy to learn forex trading with eToro, not to mention it’s fun. Here you will find educational tools and personal customer contacts.

In many ways, eToro is more than just an online broker, it is also a brand new way to shop: Just a new way of looking at the Forex trading. This is what you want the traders in the city centre, and around you is that eToro users a social network of traders who follow and copy.

etoro has received any other online brokers in the world have succeeded (in writing), and it is making the trade to a social event. Their platform is open, so that everyone can learn from the best merchants using the system.

Sign up with eToro, eToro eToro OpenBook and try and CopyTrader. Here you can see what all other traders, and you can copy documents the best merchants and, in theory, it shouldn’t be a problem to do as much as the most profitable currency traders eToro.

If you are aiming at making money online or to learn more about the global financial markets (and possibly both), then eToro definitely something you should be looking at.

Try social trading with eToro here


There are many online brokers in the market. Be sure to choose an online broker that specializes in currencies and is governed by the General Government financial authorities.
We have two specific recommendations, a pro-users and one for hobby-investor:
Easy-Forex is an online broker that offers quality-conscious merchants a complete business solution. Optimized for professional traders, but free introductory courses make this a platform that can be used on all levels.

Binary options are a scam?

Binary options are a scam?

Binary options goes by many names. It is called among other things for the digital option, all-or-nothing option, top or bottom option, or simply överunder as the product’s name is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Unfortunately there are also many who call binary options scam and argues that it is only a form of fraud designed to cheat people out of money.

This is not true.

Binary options trading is a very controlled market with very clear conditions and guidelines. Serious players in the binary options is licensed as a financial instrument within at least one jurisdiction. And if this is the case, it is usually regulated internationally by local government institutions. For example, The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the U.S. (A), the London Stock Exchange in England and the Swedish financial supervisory authority on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in Sweden. What you should watch out for is software that promise impossible profit margins, such as the “Swedish approach” and “the aussie method”, these types of scams, you can read more on our site.

Binary options are simply a particular type of investment. It is a form of investment that especially suits people who want to trade with high risk derivatives, and make quick investments towards high-yield under controlled conditions. It is a form of investment that is often used as a natural part of a stock strategy, for example. risk optimization or supplementing of the equities portfolio. Trade with överunder is carried out daily at both the digital optionsplattformar we are looking at Ombinäraoptioner.se which on stock exchanges such as NASDAQ and NYSE.

In short, it is simply incorrect to call binary options scam or scam. Binary options are an option format using smart for increased yield, just like ordinary options.


The Swedish method
Famous Hoaxes in binary options
That’s why binary options got a bad name

It’s pretty easy to see why many people believe that binary options are scams. Everyone knows that the internet is largely populated by fraudsters, and the vast majority of bluffarna look very similar: they promise you an easy way to earn big money in a short period of time and without any effort. We have for example. all seen the infamous “Nigerian letters”. We have read about the many pyramid schemes which recruits members over the internet. We will daily in contact with comment box full of spam about “my cousin earned $ 2500 per hour working from home.” When you see something that promises big payouts without risk or effort, you can be fairly certain that it is a hoax.

But binary options is not an easy way to earn fast money. It is a serious form of investment that requires extensive knowledge and caution to be profitable in the long run. And because digital options trading is done in such a fast pace, it is natural that many feel ripped off after a bad investment. Then it’s simply easier to blame the scams than to try to understand what went wrong.

The Swedish method binary options

We would like to warn anyone looking for this method to trade binary options. A few years ago was developed which was called “the Swedish method binary trade” and it was a trading method that quickly became popular, but which later turned out to be a hoax. The founders behind method got their site hacked and la then down. The reason for that method became so popular was simply smart marketing.

Allegations of fraud is rarely about fraud

The reason why some claim that binary options trading is a scam usually depends, therefore, on one of four things:

They have made an investment without understanding how binary options work and feel cheated when things are not going as expected.
They have not understood the general terms of the broker they use.
People don’t like to be wrong or losing money. Why blame the company or broker instead of admitting their own mistakes.
They were actually exposed to fraud.
To be clear: there are obviously rogue operators in the options trade. Players who are more than happy to steal your personal information and lure you on your money. All industries can be exploited by fraudsters in different scopes, and the financial sector are particularly vulnerable. But allegations that binary options would be a fraud are very rarely anything to do with actual fraud.

In short, as long as you deal with a reputable broker so you can be confident that your money, your personal information and your investments are managed properly. To know more about how fraudsters take advantage of binary options-scams, read on below.

Binary options can be used by fraudsters

According to the CFTC so it is mainly three types of fraud occurring in binary options:

companies which refuse to refund the deposited money,
mjukvarumanipulering which artificially causes loss of investments, and
identity theft.
The first category relates to customers deposit a sum of money to his customer account through a broker or other options trading platform. When customers then are trying to take their money out of the account so refuses platform to repay the money by cancelling their request, refuse to credit their accounts and ignore phone calls and e-mail contact.

The second category is that the platform is software which artificially causes a loss of investment. This for example by arbitrarily extend the expiry time on an investment until that stock price changed and there will be a loss.

The last category, identity theft, means that the platform collects on the customer data (such as credit card and bank account numbers) to steal from the customer.

Fraudsters who use these methods can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from reputable brokers. Especially if you do not already have the skills and knowledge of binary options financial activities. Fraudsters may have websites that are similar to other reputable brokers, they may have language and marketing that seems reassuring and professional, and they may have a staff of salespeople who declares one of the service’s reliability and seriousness. That is why it is important to review potential broker carefully before you write up on a service to trade binary options. In the next section, you can read about the approach we use to ensure the reliability of the binary optionsplattformar.

How we review brokers

Because binary options trading is a financial activity, and therefore is prone to some fraud, we review broker carefully before we choose to recommend them here, we will explain how this review goes to. This on the one hand, to ensure that our recommendations are reliable, but also to so well experienced and new investors to do their own research.

Our review of binary options brokers is performed in three distinct steps. First we check that the broker is properly licensed and regulated in any jurisdiction. Then we check the broker’s reputation in the financial institutions. Finally, we look also at the user’s own experiences of trade via the broker’s platform.

Below you can read more about these three steps.

Control of the broker’s license

The first thing we do when we look at a broker is to check its license as a financial instrument, as well as look at what jurisdictions broker is regulated within. License and regulation tend to usually be offered directly to the broker’s site, and if that information is available, it is a good indication that the broker is a serious player.

It is very commonly to binary trading platforms have their license issued from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This is due to the fact that Cyprus was the first country to regulate the trading of digital options on the internet, which has led to many brokers sought license and moved its operations there. Is a broker licensed by CySEC so they should have a license number, and that number should be searchable in the CySEC’s database here: CySEC Regulated Entities. Since Cyprus is a member of the European Union means a license issued by the CySEC makes it possible for them to act in almost the whole of Europe, with some possible exceptions. In such cases, as in the case of a regulatory responsibility at regional financial institutions, for example. The Swedish financial supervisory authority (FI) in Sweden.

Shortly after that the CySEC began regulating binary options as a financial instrument, followed by Malta and regulate now binary options trading through the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Their license database can be found here: MFSA Licence Holders. As the investment form has increased in popularity, it has also been discussed in England that binary options should be regulated through Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It might mean that licences will be issued by them in the near future.

It has gone out a warning if the broker? Binary options scam

The next step is to check if it assumed any warning if the broker in official channels. If we find a warning so we make it clear to us exactly what the warning is in effect. Warnings are issued usually by regional financial institutions in cases of suspected fraud or other rule or law. These warnings are shared with other financial institutions, so that investors can stay up to date on what operators you should avoid dealing with.

When we check the warnings emanating from the warning list published of the FI, which you can find here: FI’s Warning list. We are looking for through the list after the broker’s, or its owner’s company name to ensure that they do not carry out any suspicious activities or have been stripped of his license.

Complaints about the service

The third step is to investigate the broker’s reputation among users. We are looking for through reviews, forum discussions and comments field after complaints about the service. We look on the one hand, to the volume of complaints that arise, but also on the type of complaint that usually occurs.

If the broker has received many complaints, it can be a warning sign that there is a serious platform. But as we mentioned earlier, it is common for users to call binary options for scam for reasons other than that they were victims of an actual fraud. For this reason, we must also value the complaints from a number of perspectives:

How long the broker has been active. A broker who has been working for a long time, especially since the binary options first came on the market, have had a long time to accumulate complaints – whatever they are legitimate or not.
Date of the complaint. Complaint issued early in the broker’s activities may well be an indication that they are serious business. On the other hand, we must work on the basis of updated and relevant complaints reflects the broker’s contemporary activities. A clumsily handled the company, after all, can be developed together with innovation, new technology and experience.
If the complaints involve something that constitutes fraud (see: binary options can be used by scammers). About the complaint, for example. terms of lost money or a misunderstanding of the broker’s terms of use does not affect whether the broker is perceived as a serious actor. On the other hand, if the complaint concerns the absence of payments, identity theft or mjukvarumanipulering of the market, this is obvious warning signs.

Protect yourself against rogue traders

In order to avoid fraud when you are trading binary options are subject to the same principles for all financial activity on the internet: shop only with reliable platforms. Before you invest via a digital options trading platform, you should:

Understand how binary options work. You should never invest money in areas that you do not understand.
Enquire. Ask experienced traders for tips on good platforms. Also feel free to contact the customer service of the company you want to invest. A professional staff where they will answer your questions can help you assess whether a serious broker.
Verify the license. If your company is not licensed or regulated in your jurisdiction, you should probably choose a different broker.
Check the address of the company. The company is based in a country with unclear and uncertain financial laws and regulations, it is best to find another platform.
Search for information about the company. They have received positive press from respectable news organizations or financial organizations, they are probably serious actors.
And finally:

Find reputable operators via services like Ombinäraoptioner.se. We always look to our visitors to reputable brokers who handle your investments in a safe and secure manner.

Good luck with your investments!

Binary options strategies

Binary options strategies

Online, there are several hundred, or thousand different trading strategies. The truth, however, is that only a few of them operate well and many can provide more long-term problems than they help. To develop a sustainable and efficient approach is not easy. It requires discipline, perseverance and, not least, a solid basic knowledge.


Binary options are today one of the most profitable and best ways for private investors to trade in the financial markets. However, there is one thing that we must not forget: there is no magic formula for instant success. Yet there are always three principles on which successful business people have in common:

Successful traders follow simple methods.
Successful traders are able to control their emotions.
Successful traders are professional and disciplined.

Binary options strategierDet biggest mistake that many traders do, almost certainly this: they think the market is much more complicated than it really is. The most successful business people adhere to very simple rules. You may have heard the term “KISS”. KISS means something like “keep it simple stupid”, i. e. on Swedish, to keep things as simple as possible. And it’s the recipe that the best traders follow the financial markets.

Another problem that many new traders in the market are (emotional) inability to manage losses. You have to learn (or put up with) that the losses are part of the game. No one can always win. For example, there are successful Forex traders who have more business they are losing than they win. Still, the overall performance very, very good, because the results of the trade the won, more than those who went to the loss. If you have your feelings more and more under control, and when you become aware of your feelings more and more, are all ready for a successful commercial life.
Last property for a successful trader, is self-discipline. If you want to become a good trader, and we assume, then you’ll have to work hard to achieve your goal. There is no other way.

Trading systems for binary option

Many traders have at some point had a bit of luck and good profits, but they give the money back to the market. It is very often that you lack self-discipline, emotional control and a good trading system. Actually, trading systems or trading system is definitely not the right word. MAKE SURE ALL MECHANICAL HANDELSSYSTEMER. A mechanical trading system gives you flexibility you need in order to be lasting success in the markets. It is better to speak of a method. Some trade rules that will reflect YOUR vision of the market.

Binaraoptionerhandel.com want to help you to develop your own trading rules and your own trading method – your individual perspective on the market. We share our experience and knowledge with the following objectives: whether you are a beginner or already an advanced trader, we want you to peaks. But you should know these two things:

You will not be rich with binary options on one day.
Without consistent Money-Managment (which is very easy with binary options), even the best strategy or method does not help you to be successful.
Most of our policies are based on “Price Action”, it means an analysis of actual price movements. In essence, we analyze trends and try to take advantage of the small counter-trend movements in support and resistance in order to enter the market. This method is used by the most successful financial institutions.