Strategy and risk in the Forex market

The foreign exchange market (Forex market) offers opportunities to make money, but you can also risk losing money. Learn a little about strategy and risks in order to increase the likelihood of making money.

Forex provides opportunities to make money, but not without risk. We will now look at the strategies that can help you reduce the risk and not necessarily at the same time limiting the possibility of profit.

the market works much differently than other markets! Speed, volatility, and the huge size of the Forex market is different from everything else in the financial world.


the Forex market is uncontrollable-no separate event, person or factor governing this market. That’s why what economists call a “perfect market” or a effisent market-that is, a market where prices reflect all available information.

your strategies for risk management in the foreign exchange market should include:. Unexpected corrections missed payments, delayed payments and receipts on claims, turbulent fluctuations in prices, and divergence between bank drafts received and the contract price.

Set stop-loss on foreign exchange market

stop-loss orders allow traders to set an initial value for the trade you lose on. Stop-loss orders help traders control risk by cutting losses early. Stop-loss orders are non-intuitive, because you don’t want them to happen, but in the end, you’ll be glad you put them! When you connect the logic is easy to be guided by greed.

You should set the stop-loss orders closer to the opening price than limit orders. This is only a general guide.

Technical trading in the Forex market

Trade as a technical analyst in the foreign exchange market. To understand the basics behind investing in the Forex market, one must also understand the technical analysis method.

When your fundamental and technical signals are pointing in the same direction, you have a good chance of making a successful trade, especially if you have established good practices for the management of the money placed in the market. Our proposal is that if you are trading in the Forex market, you should use a simple technical analysis on the basis of support and resistance, and Fibonacci tracking.

“Leverage trading” in Forex trading

which in English are called Leveraged trading, or move the Swedish, which makes it possible to make more money on currency trading. But increases the risk of loss if he is on the margin. At worst, you will lose everything you have invested, and it must always be taken into account when doing Forex trading.

Virtually all experts move their investments, it is the fast track to riches-but also a dangerous and risky ways to get rich. You don’t get rich if you do not take your precautions, and if things go wrong.

Leverage means to borrow money as you use for investing or trading. Say that there is a risk of $ 1,000 of your own money, while trader for $ 100,000-when you borrow $ 99,000. If you lose $ 99,000 that is your loss, and you have to finance the loss.

Risk and currency trading

the risk is that you have the money you can afford to lose without compromising your standard of living. with this money you can invest in it you are feeding, laugh you competent to such speculation in the Forex market. You should never invest more in risky investments than you can afford to lose.

No one wants to lose money, but when it comes to trading in the Forex market, it is impossible. All traders will eventually lose money. It is, however, Toale you are left with that counts.

Create a stable return over time is something all successful traders want to achieve. There are generally just “dreamers” who are looking for opportunities to get rich overnight in the Forex market.

Those who are rich in Forex trading is that because they use their risk in a meaningful way that provides value over time. It’s not easy, but you can go a long way with experience and knowledge.

We recommend Easy-Forex to speculate in the currency over the internet. You always have great opportunities to make money in the Forex market, but don’t forget the risk.